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Marionette Puppet Hire


We have marionettes ready to hire for display, set dressing, backdrops or rehearsal.

Just let us know your requirements and we will see how we can help.

We have supplied set dressing for Films, TV shows and adverts. Recent projects include Doctor Who, Pinocchio (Disney) and Little Falls.

If you require puppets made to order or of a particular style we can accommodate, however this takes some time to prepare so please keep this in mind.

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Where to next


Visit our UK based shop for off the shelf marionettes for everyone.

Choose from simple to move great characters to fully original hand carved designs.

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We can design and build marionette puppets for your project or collection.

Tony is an experienced puppeteer too so can advise on what you need to realise your ideas.


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Puppet Film Production

We can also produce short (or long) marionette puppet films or clips. We can create original content ideas or work around your idea framework.

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